A new day…

Well today is Thursday and I’m attempting to help my husband with a lot of paperwork but the overwhelming weight of confusion that depression brings me it’s very frustrating. Today is one of those days I wanna crawl in bed and just watch TV and just not be bugged. But I’ve learned in the past that that does not help and it actually makes my depression worse. It doesn’t help that I have a nice new fibromyalgia , As I say that in are sarcastic tone, lol. Sometimes I wish I could just wake up and feel like when I was 30 years old and I felt such a bright future I felt so healthy add I had a bigger measure of happiness. I can honestly say that my greatest joy to focus on is 1st and foremost my husband. Sometimes I see what I put him through their hurts my heart so I can’t think of it because it spiral me down further. So I accept his supportivness because I know it’s a gesture of love. He is the embodiment of the wedding vows: for better or worse, for richer or poorer and the biggest one and sickness and and health.

So I decided to get on here and share what the day has been like it’s a quarter to one California time and the day is still not going my way. Getting ready to take a bubble bath in the hope that my body will feel better I not feel so much pain. My feet hurt so much. I don’t know it’s just a very irritating day to me. I can’t figure it out. I guess I have was called the Fibro Fog.

Have any of you felt this way? Well I gotta get on with my day. But I may be back with any update. Thanks for “hearing” me out.😭 Yvonne

5 thoughts on “A new day…

    1. Good way to explain. I tell people I feel like I got gang jumped. Try to make light of it in a sense but give an idea how bad I feel. Thanks for chiming in. I love interchange of discussions

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      1. Good explanation too. I also feel like sometimes I have the flu but it’s not the flu. It’s tough some days. I try to keep moving best I can. But I can’t overdo it either. Too much laying around aggravates it but too much physical activity does as well. It’s a damned if you do and fanned if you don’t thing.

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      2. Wow. This is why I did this blog so that I can find people who feel like me. I hate that people have to feel this way but it’s nice to know others are out there to support you to validate how you feel when others really don’t get it.

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