It’s Up & Down Today

Well, my feelings have been a mixed bag of nuts. I just haven’t been feeling good lately. Physically, mentally I feel just feel ick. Bipolar is annoying. I’m on a low for the last couple days.

When I have feelings like this, I feel a measure of guilt. My husband is so amazingly patient, but I feel bad when I have down days. I didn’t feel up to shopping so he went for us. These headaches are annoying too. (Nice side effects from meds) But I don’t want to be a debbie downer. It also didn’t help that this fibro flare up is sticking around. Where it’s been really centering in my right knee. I had an x-ray & nothing wrong, just all part of my fibromyalgia.

Some people don’t understand how Depression & Fibromyalgia or any other Invisible Illnesses can put your life in a dead stop. So anyone reading this who is reading to get understanding about it. Be kind, be patient.

My husband is such a sweetie & told me to do nothing today. So, nothing it is. Just me & my fur baby Belle.

And my fellow sufferers, even though I’m having a rough day, please listen to the advise my honey gave me, it’s ok. Be kind to yourself & be ok to have a rest & relax.

I hate days like this. Ok, solution…push myself harder. When I get out I do much better. I have to have my time scheduled I noticed.

I recently started crafting. I started making some cute name badges, so with jewels & some with buttons including a lanyard. I’ll show a picture soon. I don’t feel like getting my stuff out. But some are going to be gifts & some are going to be for sale. I’ll also be doing something with wine bottles. I would love to learn calligraphy.

Anyway, me & Belle are listening to my husband & relaxing. Watching junk TV shows. Being mindless. Blogging about my life has been very therapeutic & those who have reached out just to follow me & some comments have been an amazingly positive journey. Thank you all.

Tomorrow we will be hanging with some friends. I think I’ll do good.

Anyway thanks for being part of my journey.

Here’s a couple of pics of me on recent good days with Bellygirl 🐶❤ & my son Aaron 😎

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