Fibro flare up! Why oh why!

Why in the world when your in a fibro flare up you feel the domino effect? What I mean is first there’s pain, then there’s more pain, then there’s please don’t bother to get me out of bed pain. Then you have so much pain your grateful it knocks you out. I feel asleep good from Saturday to Monday morning. In between it all is the guilt of not living life & bringing people around you down. But yet they love & support you, at least that’s what happens with my case, but it does not take away the frustration & depression that comes with fibromyalgia. My bipolar rears it’s ugly head. Then I shop in between. I am fortunate my hubby has not taken my credit cards away! Lol. Bless his heart. He believes in me.

I will it feels good to have someone to believe in you. It feels nice to have support. But these fibro flare ups are so brutal. Do any of you all suffer from these same symptoms? Does life stop in it’s track for you?

On a brighter note I seen my pain doctor today, uneventful as he does not deal with fibromyalgia. But assist with my degenerative disc disorder. So I went in to get an appointment for what’s call Ablasions. He severs nerves in my lower back & my neck to assist me with a measure of relief. I get chronic migraines as well so this has helped.

Wow, it sounds like I’m a hot mess! Well I kinda am!! But on good days I love life. Today was an ok day. Spent with my honey & service dog Belle. Had a beautiful dinner with my husband, when we cam home my brother in law brought an amazing dish of Chile Japoniese. Very spicy with pork chops. It was great. I made some buttery popcorn for us & it was actually a lovely evening. I just wanted to share my weekend with you. I hope to have a good day tomorrow, I am a glass half full, but unfortunately with bipolar, it’s hit & miss. So I’m a bit proud of myself that I didn’t let the depression get to me too badly. Normally I go through some horrible down time. I’m still in pain but its bearable today.

Question. Does anyone have memory problems? My memory is terrible & of course I forgot which medication or if it’s a medication. I’m already in bed, it’s 12:22 a.m. I’m tucked in like a bug in a rug. Anyway , thanks for stopping by.🤗

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