When they fire your psychiatrist without any warning…πŸ€”πŸ˜­

I’ve been wanting to write about an appointment I had a couple of years ago & see if anyone has experienced the same thing. If not, here is, a true story

I had a wonderful psychiatrist from 2008 to 2015. This doctor helped me thru a surgery I almost died in 2010. He kept up with me when we had to have a short stay at my brother’s house after my surgery to try to recuperate. When I thought I had to 5150 & told him I think he should put me in the hospital, he believed in me & for the most part I truly felt the most stable when I was under his care.

Well, the day before my appointment I called to confirm the time, he usually ran late so I just wanted to see what kind of window I had for the next day. (it didn’t usually matter when he ran late, he never rushed his patients and all his patients loved him & felt it was worth the wait.) Anyway, as I said I called to confirm & the receptionist told me that my doctor was no longer working there & I was going to see someone that would be there temporary untill they get someone permanent. Well just in case your wondering why my Doctor was terminated, was one reason, he was to commpationate. He was always running behind schedule & because some could not afford meds, whenever he had samples of something he prescribed, he would give them out. So, after being there 20+ years, a social worker who greatly disliked him started taking notes everyday on how long he spent with his patients. 15 minutes is the standard, he gave an hour, with 0 complaints from his patients. He was fired. I get into more of that later.

Anyway, I went into full nervous breakdown mode😭 not knowing what I was walking into, my poor husband tried consoling me telling me it will be ok, maybe whoever I would be seeing would be ok & i could get used to him/her. Bless my husbands heart trying to be optimistic, & believe me I appreciated & itπŸ’‘! But…the next day came…

Nightmare ensued. I had my husband come in with me, & I had my medications I was told to bring in. Mind you I had been pretty stable working with my doctor & my meds. Well, my husband & I walked in, I just couldn’t go alone & I was still crying from the day before, I was greeted with a very unfriendly & quite hostile doctor. He first chastised me on my meds from my doctor as well as my pain doctor. I cried through the entire session and the doctor just seemed so very annoyed and told me dead he was basically confiscating my medications and that he would prescribe me something different.πŸ˜– I told him I had tried what he was tried to prescribe me and it ever not work. But he told me that between my pain meds and my anxiety medication that I’m addicted to pain meds & anxiety medication. He did not take away my pain meds, but my anxiety & the depression meds I was on. He gave me the new prescriptions & even my husband tried to explain that he does not know me, if he read my chart, he would see that these new medsπŸ’Š would not work, they have tried & failed. πŸ˜₯

I saw my primary care physician thereafter & thank Our Grand Creator & Instructor that I’ve got the most wonderful primary care physician & she promptly put me back on my original medications as well as my anxiety meds. She was so surprised at how it all went down.

I thereafter spoke with my former pain management doctor who was upset that someone would suggest I was addicted under his care. I hardly took my pain meds because frankly they hardly worked & every month I would show him how many I took. So on top of that this office made sure you took random urine tests to see if you are abusing your meds. So I was not in any such danger.

Now, this was 2 years ago. It’s been a long road, I’ve seen so many in between as I said before, but never seen that 1 doctor again. But 6 months ago I went in to see a new Nurse Practitioner, sigh… I explained how the constant change in this office is killing me since my original doctor left. I got another psychiatrist after, but she took a temporary leave to work at another department where she was needed. We spoke & she told me go back to the office, I’ll get you an appointment & when I return I’ll resume seeing you again. Well, this Nurse Practitioner was ok. But when I explained my bad experience so he would be up to speed on my past. He curtly told me that he would not speak ill of the dead…huh???? I told him what do you mean, he said that that particular psychiatrist had passed away. Now don’t get me wrong, I explained, I’d wish that on no one nor would I be happy about it. But I am telling you my truth. My experience. I’m not trying to speak I’ll of the dead. I’m just telling you he was not compassionate towards ME. Well I already could see by his mannerisms this was not a good fit.🀐 I left & never been back until a couple of days ago when I found out my 2nd wonderful psychiatrist was back.

I am sad for the other doctor & hope he was more compassionate with others but I didn’t know him personally & may he rest in peace.

I’m sharing this not to bash him, but hoping other doctors who may read my blog will learn “bedside/sit side” manner. That someone having a nervous breakdown before your eyes you may not want to yell at them & tell them they are a drug addict in the first 15 minutes of meeting youπŸ™„. We, the ones with the Invisible Mental Illnesses are sometimes fragile, sometimes our strength comes out & we are strong. We have good days & bad days. Be kind, be patient, because we don’t want or choose to live this way.

Thanks for taking time to read this super long story.πŸ€“

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