Dr.s Visit

Well. I’m the doctors. It’s for a procedure called an Ablasion. Basically a severing of nerves in my neck. Now that I’m a bit more focused after a very bad week I can talk about why I even started this blog. To journal my life coupled with informing people what a chronic pain person with severe depression goes through. MANY DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS.Well, this procedure will be done in the back of my neck. It’s not the most comfortable of procedures but I have a great doctor. When I’m in the surgery room face down like a massage table he & the nurses are chatting & laughing & I join in sometimes. The lower back is a bit easier to handle & will be done in 2 weeks. The neck is more painful. But I have to say it does help my headaches, and my neck & shoulder pain.Life as a chronic pain patient is difficult. Your in pain, but I am the type that puts on a “mask” so to speak. I can’t stand to just waa waa waa, even though I have on this forum, but I hate it. I never want to be difficult. So I mask my feelings a lot.I want people to know that being this way is not a choice. It happens to the best of us. I want those who are trying to understand the life a a chronic pain person is so not easy. It is hard. It is exhausting. So please, don’t make us feel more guilty then we already do. It makes things worse.So today’s pain level is a solid 7 1/2. Yesterday was a solid 10, but thankfully we were at an assembly & stayed in a hotel so I got to soak in the hot tub.Some may think “how can you function at a level 10 pain???? I’ll tell you. Pain is a part of our life. If I didn’t have pain I would think I was dead! 😢. A little humor. That is my mask. A joke here or there.Anyway when you have so much fibromyalgia, nerve damage & degenerative disc pain it is just part of everyday life & before you know it, a pain level of 6 or 7 is extremely welcoming. πŸ˜–Some people think we are lazy. Some think because we are overweight we would not have the pain problems, just lose weight. Some just plain judge & think your faking. We are not. I am not.With respects to weight, why would any person who suffers from chronic pain want to be overweight, feel even more pain from excess weight? We/I wouldn’t. But the effects of not so much pain meds because I personally no longer take them because they don’t work anymore. But all the other prescription meds are all weight gainers. I have been monitoring my weight & calorie intake for over a month with my app on my phone & my Fitbit watch. It is not as high as one would think. Even if I do fat free protein shakes that are meal replacements, eating more veggies, smaller portions & the only one that was working is a diabetic diet I did a year ago. So I am going to go back on that this week.The point is, those of us that suffer from fibro, we can’t help medication side effects. And for the record, skinny people get fibro also.I hope this enlightens people a little to life with chronic pain.Thanks for visiting…

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