I’m back!

Well, after a really bad spell of depression & severe pain I am able to come back & get back to my writing.

I just had an Ablasion on my neck 3 weeks ago & another ablasion 1 week ago. For some reason the lower back is still hurting bad. But I know it takes up to 2-3 weeks to actually feel a difference.

I went to a new pain doctor since the one I go to does nothing with fibromyalgia or any other “Invisable Illnesses” except back issues in your spinal cord & cortisone in the knees for me. So I’ve been on the search & found a doctor I’m feeling hopeful about. But I got a shocker! He asked me “who told you that you have fibromyalgia?” I explained a neurologist in 2008. After reviewing my med list he said “I don’t think you have Fibromyalgia. 🤔😲🤯 “WHAT???????” Wow, I was blown away, if that’s the case why do I suffer from so many symptoms?? Don’t get me wrong, if I don’t have Fibromyalgia, great, what do I have & can you get me a life that is productive. When taking a shower does not result in a whole day of rest. So, he is going to MRI my neck & back today & we shall see. I should have told him to do my right knee too! But baby steps! I’m a hot mess so let’s do me piece by piece!! Lol.

I have to say there have been alot of overwhelming things going on In my life which made pain worse & thereby increasing my depression. But I’m trying with all my heart & learning heavily on my faith in God as that is a HUGE part of my life even before I got sick. But sometimes we pray & should leave things in Gods hands then we take it back. I’m re-learningvto let go my problems & let my God lead me & direct my steps. It’s the only true survival & best way of life following bible principles, for me.

I do not talk about religion a lot because my blog is about Invisable Illnesses. But it’s also about my personal life & journey. So you will sometimes see me bring out my belief in God & maybe a scripture.

So, I will end this with I’m at my primary care & then MRI & hope to have a great positive day that I don’t allow my pain to affect me too badly triggering me to spiral into a depression.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day.

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