Well it’s been awhile, let’s say it’s been a bit crazy in life. But I left off about my MRI.I know I’m still behind sharing my journey but I’m still trying to heal from life, surgery & pain. I’m trying not to be a victim but victorious, a survivor!Anyway, my MRI, came back with a disc that is pinching the nerves in the spinal cord. The MRI looks like a dent in my spinal cord, hence, pain! Then, don’t know if I mentioned it, but in 2010 from the terrible surgery I had, during that surgery I got a pinched nerve in the c-4, c-5 area of my neck. It was due to intubation or positioning from being on the operating table for 10 hours. I was unaware of this, I had so much pain I was in the ER 5-6 times a week. So, I had a “fusion”. They removed a disc from my spinal cord & replaced it with a metal plate. But it wasn’t discovered for 3 months after going to various doctors. I went to several rounds of physical therapy in a year & a half time but the pain just plateaued. I wasn’t in as much pain but still in serious discomfort. After the surgery, the nuero-surgeon said whatever pain I had in a year is the best I would be. It’s been 10 years & although the pain does not require multi weekly ER visits, I still suffer a lot. Anyway, the MRI also reflected that metal plate has jarred out of place, thus pinching my poor mangled nerve again. 😭So, we are going to try epidurals on my back & neck & physical therapy again. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll have to have another fusion. I don’t know what we may do on my back but possible 10s unit is a consideration if epidurals & physical therapy does not work.So that’s where we stand. I’m feeling the writing bug again. But with depression, if your not on the mood to do anything, forget it. Today I just needed to write though.I’m on a trip right now visiting family. Its beautiful where we have been but pain sometimes dampens things. But I have a smile & faith, our wonderful God, my best friend – my husband to make life beautiful.More later. Thanks for tuning in.

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