A sad goodbye…A Tribute to our Uncle…

Over 20 years ago I had the privilege of meeting my husbands Aunt & Uncle & their extended family. The only people who truly welcomed me into the family. Always made me feel comfortable & welcome. Our precious uncle passed away yesterday evening. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, brother-in-law, uncle & human being. This uncle was more than that title to my husband, he was like a father in my husbands eye.

I have to say, he loved fixing cars, he was brilliant with knowing what was wrong with a car with just a verbal description. He also loved to put little model cars together as a hobby, painting them to perfection. He was a spiritual head of his family & guided with love & encouragement to put our God 1st & formost in our lives.

He had the best personality, he will have you cracking up all day. Quite the character. He had such great love for his family.

I can’t say how big a loss this is to our family. They are few men like our uncle with good moral character, family devotion & kindness to all that were around him.

He is already missed. We have comfort in bible at Revelation 21:4 that death will be done away with. While he asleep awaiting the resurrection, we will do all we can to be there too & greet him back! “Life without end At Last!!” Sleep well dear precious Uncle.🙏❤

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